Who We Are

Our Mission

Fight 2B Fit is committed to being a positive catalyst for childhood health and wellness. Our program helps children understand fitness as a way of life definied by the development of sustainable, healthy habits. Physical health and fitness can help make us kinder, smarter, more creative and compassionate individuals. We believe these are characteristics worth fostering in every child.



Inception & History

Launched in 2011 by WNBA Legend Sue Wicks and Harvard Business School graduate and Division I athlete Corinne Nevinny, Fight 2B Fit is built by athletes who found the tenants of sportsmanship, teamwork, and persistence vital to lifetime success.

Fight 2B Fit's philosophy of building health and the joy of success simultaneously informs a broader approach to childhood wellness. The curriculum covers nutrition, anatomy, physical fitness, mental health, anti-bullying actions, sportsmanship, and the environment. Over the course of four weeks, children are introduced to these topics and participate in challenges that ask them to turn their knowledge into actions.

Fight 2B Fit has now completed is tenth nationwide program with over 5000 kids ages 8-11 having participated. We are excited to be expanding our program into Florida as we continue to grow in California, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Nevada, and Massachussetts. 

About Our Founders

Susan Wicks

Susan Wicks

Sue Wicks is a Women's Basketball Legend, Hall of Fame Member, four-time WNBA Finalist, and All-Star. In college she was a three time Kodak All-American and named National Player of the Year. She also works with the US State Department as a sports ambassador and has been honored with numerous awards for sportsmanship and community service.

Corinne Nevinny

Corinne Nevinny

Corinne Nevinny is a Harvard Business School Graduate who had a successful career as a business executive in an S&P 500 Company. She is currently General Partner of LMN Ventures and a trustee and board member to the US Olympic Comittee. She was also captain of the Stanford National Championship Women's Tennis Team. Corinne has two boys (her proudest accomplishments). She graduated from Stanford with a BS in Industrial Engineering and enjoys tennis, skiing & cooking.

In the Media

March 2014
"It's not often you walk into a middle school and see a bunch of 7th graders doing sun salutations. But that's exactly what's happening at Mendive. Kids are participating in the Fight 2B Fit program. It's a nationwide effort to get 5th, 6th and 7th graders moving their bodies and learning about nutrition."
October 2012
The Fight 2B Fit Challenge is led by former WNBA All Star And Rutgers Basketball player Sue Wicks. Ms. Wicks is currently a sports ambassador for the US State Department. The 2BFit Challenge is a six week team competition. The Fight 2B fit website presents challenges to teams who score points as they accomplish various tasks. The idea behind the challenge is that a simple task repeated over the course of time becomes a habit. The categories are established to focus on body, mind and spirit and will include physical activity, healthy food choices and social responsibility. Kids will be able to measure their individual progress, their team’s progress and the progress of competing teams on a daily basis. Upon completion of the six week program, a reward ceremony will be held to honor the Winners.