How It Works

Join Competitions, Challenge Friends, B Fit!

Fight 2B Fit is a unique and exciting way to get fit and build school spirit! Our incentive based health and fitness competition is fun for students and easy for teachers and parents. Participants score points and win prizes for completing daily tasks, challenges and quizzes that are designed to build healthy habits. Participants will be able to track their individual progress, their team’s progress and the progress of competing schools.

Quick and Simple for Teachers

Fight 2B Fit is a turn key program that requires minimal administrative time and can be incorporated into any classroom or after school program.

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Unique Dashboard

All participants have their own unique homepage that shows their progress, awards, and to do list.

Follow and Support Your Friends!

Enter your friends' Username on the follow friends section and follow their progress.

Win Virtual Prizes!

Win Virtual Prizes, Badges and Trophies that display on your personal Fight 2B Fit Page!

Show Your School Spirit!

Show your school spirit by displaying your school's banner on your profile.

Be Immortalized in the Hall of Fame!

A chance to be inducted into our Hall of Fame, Perfect Score spotlight or Platinum Club.


How long is the challenge?

The challenge is 20 days, Monday through Friday for 4 weeks.

Do we need a gym or special equipment?

No, the exercises can be donee anywhere and no equipment is needed.

How long does it take to complete exercises and quizzes?

The participants are online about 6-7 minutes a day and the exercises should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Do the students need computers to access the program?

The website can be accessed from a smart phone or tablet as well as a computer.

Do teachers need special training to administer the program?

No special training is needed, the program is Turn key, but enthusiasm is important.

Can teachers be in the challenge?

Yes! We even have an award for fittest teacher!